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Gun Smithing

Effective immediately (8/25/16) we are ceasing all gunsmithing operations due to Obama’s State Department action on ITAR registration for gunsmiths. 

The new burdensome legal liabilities/costs associated with the new ITAR interpretation and that we are being forced to pay $2,250 per year to maintain legal status, unfortunately, have made continuing gunsmithing work impossible. 

How can gun owners help?

Call your U.S. Representative at 202-225-3121 and U.S. Senators at 202-224-3121 urge him or her to support Rep. Collin Peterson’s (D-Minn.) Resolution, (H. Res. 829) that demands the Obama administration complete the ECR and publish the proposed rules to transfer the licensing of commercial and sporting firearms and ammunition products to the Department of Commerce (which does not require registration or payment of a fee).

Tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to force DDTC to stop imposing excessive and onerous registration fees on small businesses that do not export products. Tell them to support language in the Fiscal Year 2017 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill that will reduce the registration fee to a nominal amount for all non-exporting manufacturers and component part manufacturers.

Tell your U.S. Representative and Senators stop the Department of State from exceeding its statutory authority; that mounting new sights to improve accuracy on your hunting rifle doesn’t require you to register with the Department of State and pay a fee of $2,250.

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