Firearm FFL Transfer FAQ


We charge $25 for FFL transfers per firearm.

We recommend that you contact Eagle Center Firearms before you purchase to inquire if we carry the firearm you about to order elsewhere.  It may be available for less and it will save you the transfer fees.

We only accept transfers from sellers that are FFL holders.  All transfers must be from FFL dealer to FFL dealer, we do not accept private party shipments from individuals.


You will need the following for a FFL transfer from a dealer, business, gunbroker, auction arms, guns america, etc:

We will need a copy of the confirmation email from the seller.  This email should contain the item number or order number along with the contact info for the seller including their email. Please email this info to: ffl at (use the @ symbol instead of at)

We will forward an email to the seller with our FFL info and contact info.  We will be requesting a tracking number or delivery confirmation number from the seller, you should request the same for your records and send a copy to me.  No tracking info can delay delivery of your firearm.


We will need your complete mailing address with phone number and email so we can contact you when the firearm is delivered and the paperwork is verified.  Paperwork verification can take up to a few days to complete, depending on the seller.  We will contact you and schedule a date and time to meet at my business location to do the transfer paperwork 24 to 48 hours after delivery of the firearm, NO exceptions.  All transfers are by appointment only.

Shipping times can vary widely depending on the seller, delivery company, shipping method, weather, delays, Plandemics, riots, etc.  Shipments can be held for pickup or may require multiple delivery attempts depending on Fedex, UPS, or USPS.  This is not unusual, please be patient.

You MUST provide a valid government issued photo identification (IA drivers license) that contains your name, CURRENT LEGAL RESIDENCE, and date of birth for all firearm transfers. You will also need a valid Permit to purchase or Permit to carry for all handgun and lower receiver transfers.


If needed, we can run a NIC's background check for a long gun purchase.  We only transfer firearms that receive a PROCEED response.  A DELAY or DENY response may result in the firearm being sent back to the seller and the buyer is responsible for all applicable return shipping and transfer fees.


To avoid being ripped off or disappointed on Gunbroker, We advise you look closely at the seller feedback ratings and whether they are a dealer or private seller.  Many positive feedback's is not a guarantee, but it should help.  Carefully read over the firearm description, firearm condition, and their return policy.  Pay only by Credit card.  Call the seller before you purchase to get a read on the seller.  All private party sales should be handled face to face, including the payment.

All transfers are final, no refunds.  Buyer is responsible for inspecting the firearm before accepting the transfer.  Failure to pass the NIC's check, refusal of the firearm, or failure to show up to take delivery of the firearm will incur a $25 processing fee for returning the firearm to seller plus any applicable shipping & handling fees.


If you have further questions feel free to call or email.


HOURS: Call for hours, we can accommodate almost any needs.

Phone (319) 529-3088 | Waterloo, IA 50701

All pre-orders or special orders require a minimum 25% deposit.

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